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With our makeup line, the possibilities are endless and totally customizable!

Customize your products by purchasing the pans and filling this eco-friendly paperboard palette with an individualized look. Products can easily be switched out and replaced. 

Insert choices are available in 4 combinations: 4 shadow and 2 blush with applicators, 6 shadow and 2 blush, 9 shadow or 4 blush. Remove the die cut insert and place as many pans as you desire directly on the magnetized base.  We also offer a professional size eyeshadow and blush palette that hold 12 each. 



We have 3 different size compacts for holding an individual pan of foundation, blush, eyeshadow or cake eyeliner.  These are long lasting, have a mirror and can be used however you like.  Simply pop out the pan and insert a new one. 

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