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"Kristi helped me at a time when no other medical professionals would listen to me, including some of my own family doubting my health complications.  Kristi knew she could help me and she did just that.

The thorough labwork proved to be invaluable when I found out about issues I never imagined was wrong with me which made all of my symptoms finally make sense.  I completely went all in and invested fully in my recovery with Kristi.  I began to drop weight, brain fog lifted, bloating went away, less inflammation and fatigue, increased energy, and best of all my migraines went from 5-6 a month to maybe 1 per month.  I'm glad I was open to what Kristi offered to finally make such positive changes in my health."

J. D.  Alabama


Love Kristi! My skin never looked better. My 19 year old daughter and myself have used her skincare products for over 6 months our skin is amazing! Kristi is always willing to help with any questions! AND her makeup line is great! Love it! Also website to order is great and have it within two days. Very convenient!
Amazing results · Professional products

Susie M

Kristi is the best!!. She has so much experience in the business and I love love her products. The lady knows what she is doing and will not lead you in the wrong direction. She is not only great at what she does but she is a beautiful person inside and out. Go see her and she will fix you up!

Dana J

I am so EXCITED about everything Kristi has to offer. Just after 1 week and I can already tell a huge difference in my skin. I love the relaxed atmosphere and the way Kristi treats you like family! She uses all of her products and would never ask you to try something that she hasn’t already experienced. I highly recommend everyone visiting!

Christy W

Kristi has expert knowledge of skincare and knows just what treatments are needed for each client. She expands her knowledge constantly and stays at the top of her field. Her products are also fabulous!

Donna K

Kristi knows her skin and she will show you how to know your skin. She will have you looking your best and keeping age from showing. She is also a very entertaining skin care professional.
(In a good way!)😘

Expert facials · Amazing results · Professional products · Beautiful results · Licensed skin care professional

Karen C

A dermatologist was recommending Accutane for me. I reached out to Kristi and she asked me to try her first. I had my first peel and started on her products in October. By my third peel and stepping into additional products in December, my skin looks amazing! I'm so pleased with the changes. Kristi had warned me it may take 6 months and I've seen amazing changes in just 3!
Beautiful results

Bevin T

Kristi is AMAZING! The skincare regimen that she suggested to me has DRASTICALLY changed my skin. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about all things skin! It is a great feeling knowing I can fully trust skin care professional. And for bonus points she is a beautiful soul inside and out♥️♥️♥️

Brie H

I am so proud of me... for the first time ever I have actually stuck with a skincare regimen! After just 3 weeks I am seeing amazing results with these products!
My sister actually made the statement that she noticed something different about my skin in a positive way before even sharing what I have been doing!
Kristi is extremely honest with each client and this is important because she has the knowledge to call it like she sees it! She is fun, encouraging and is a walking testament to the use of these products!
Give her a call today.... it’s NEVER too late to be beautiful!!❤️❤️

Jill S

I’ve been going to Kristi for 10 years. She’s the best!!

Kelee W

I saw Kristi for the first time today, she is awesome! I had my consult and derma plane with a chemical peel. I left with some great products. Thanks Kristi for getting me on my way to healthy, younger looking skin.

Sonya S

Yes, Kristi works wonders! She makes you feel comfortable and right at home. Thank you, Kristi. Much love 👏🏿

Carl J

You have got to try the lip liner at Elements Skincare by Kristi!
It is called SKETCH stick.
I worked 8 hours, had lunch and never lost my lip color !
Very reasonably priced !

Susan W

I live far away so I can’t go in office, but I started meeting with Kristi and following her advice and using the products my skin has gotten so much better! I struggled with acne for around 5 years and right now I’m about 6 months into treatment and my face is clear and my scars are going away! Would recommend to any and everyone! Changed my life!
Amazing results · Beautiful results · Experienced skin care professionals

Kaylee-Dee L

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